The freshest produce this side of a farmer’s field.

Whatever you’re looking for in fruits and vegetables, from garden variety to exotic and organic, you’ll find it here. And you simply won’t find better produce anywhere else. That’s because we have an almost fanatical dedication to quality and freshness. It’s part of our culture. Every Deluxe employee understands it. So do our suppliers.
Like all our departments, Produce is more than products on a shelf or in a box or a bin. Our Produce employees have decades of experience and knowledge. Looking for exotic, impossible to find fruits or vegetables? Want to know how to prepare them for a special meal? Just ask.


“Over the past 38 years, we’ve developed very close relationships with the top local produce farms. That’s why we can offer the best quality produce that’s often just hours from the field.”

–Jose Sierra, Produce Manager
Deluxe Foods employee for 27 years