The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop

The best quality meat, poultry and seafood from the best butchers in town.

Harris Ranch. Nieman Farms. Mary’s Air Chilled Chicken. Stagnaro Seafood. It just doesn’t get any better (or fresher) than that. Need a special cut of meat? Want grass fed or organic? Need help planning a meal? No worries—our team of talented butchers will be there for you.


“Our butchers knock themselves out to offer the best quality, selection and amazing personal service. That’s why our customers love us as much as we love them.”

Tony Alvarez
Butcher Shop Manager
Deluxe Foods employee for 15 years

Beef, buffalo, lamb, veal and pork—all available in a variety of cuts. Need a special cut? Want your meat ground? Just ask. We also have a big selection of home-made sausages.
Heart-Healthy Options
Organic and grass fed beef, buffalo and Harris Ranch custom cut Angus, plus ostrich and Mary’s Air Chilled, free-range, organic chicken (the best chicken ever).
We carry a wide variety of super-fresh local fish and shellfish, plus specialty imports from the best suppliers in the business.