The spirit of giving runs deep in our family.

Deluxe has always believed in giving back to the community. We’re committed to helping many important community organizations throughout the year.

Every week, we get five to seven requests for new donations. And while we can’t fulfill every one, we do everything we can to help as many people and organizations in the Aptos community, as well as in Santa Cruz County and beyond.

Our donations include in-store gift cards, products, gift baskets, and money. While we donate to a wide range of organizations, we focus mainly on schools and other youth organizations, which is consistent with the mission of the Monte Foundation.

We also have special shopping programs in the store that give ongoing cash donations to several organizations. When customers check out they can tell the checker to credit their purchase to one of the partner organizations in this program. Periodically (monthly, quarterly, yearly….depending on what the organization requests), we run a sales report and donate 5% of the credited amount to the partner organization.

The partners who benefit from this program are:

Good Shepherd Catholic School
Salesian Elementary and Jr. High
La Selva Beach Library

We also have a program for seniors. The first Tuesday of every month is Senior Discount Day. Shoppers who are 60 and older get a 10% discount.

There are other important community groups that we support every year, or sponsor consistently throughout the year, including:

Soquel High Snack Shack
Aptos High Football Snack Shack
Aptos Sports Foundation
Community Bridges
Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day
Dominican Hospital (Deluxe Foods and the Monte Family have been huge donors and supporters of Dominican for over 20 years).

Second Harvest Food Bank is another organization we support throughout the year. During the holidays we always participate in their food drive, but we also keep special jars on our check stands to collect donations all year long. If a shopper doesn’t have cash to donate, they can add a donation to their bill at checkout. The money is coded to a special Second Harvest account. We then write a check to Second Harvest for the donated amounts.

This is just a snapshot of how Deluxe gives back. There’s more, much more that we give through our store, the Monte Foundation, or personal donations through the Monte Family. The point is that we strongly believe in helping organizations that help our communities and we do everything we can to support them.