Not the place to be if you’re on a diet.

My, oh my. This is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth (or teeth). Our bakers get up pretty early–4am, to be exact–to make sure our breads, cakes and specialty treats are as fresh as they can be. By the time the sun comes up, some amazing aromas are wafting through the store.


Take a whiff. You can smell the heavenly aroma of our white and chocolate cakes; our famous seasonally themed shortbread cookies; key lime tarts; and banana pudding. They’re all made right here, from scratch. And, of course, we use only the best ingredients—like real vanilla, the best cocoa powder and our own homemade buttercream.

We also have a huge assortment of baked goods from some of the finest bakeries anywhere. Like Dave’s Killer (organic) Bread, Gerhard Michler tarts (the cherry pistachio is insane), Duart’s Take “N Bake Pies, fresh bagels from the Bagelry, donuts from Albrights and more. Much more.

And on the remote chance that you can’t find something you like in our bakery, we’ll make something special and crazy good, just for you. Just call (831) 688-7442, ext. 13.